About me

A couple of years ago I moved far up north to Tromsø – the second biggest town above the polar circle. I became an authorized guide because I love presenting the nature and cultural sights in and around Tromsø to tourists from all over the world; tourists which arrive by Hurtigruten, cruise ships and busses or on their own.

As I was a professional taxi driver I have the possibility to acquire a vast repertoire of stories from all kinds of people – locals and foreigners; stories you cannot find in books. 

As a professional guide I permanently experience that during guided tours with a tight schedule it is often impossible to stay a bit longer at certain sights. That is why my urge grew stronger to show Tromsø’s sights to tourists in a more flexible individual way. Together with me you can learn about the Northern Lights, the Sami people, or the dangerous fishing trips into the Arctic Ocean. I can help you schedule your stay in Tromsø and how you can wisely combine watching the impressive scenery and visiting the most attractive cultural sights of Tromsø – The Gateway to the Arctic.


Sincerely yours


Edeltraud Lamla